The post-COVID world is likely to be a different one than we’re used to, with social distancing, hand sanitizers and hybrid workplaces becoming the new norm. In this post we give you our top picks for why you should consider implementing indoor maps and wayfindingto your office, university or hospital campus to facilitate this change going into 2022. Giving examples on what features exactly can help making this new 1-meter (according to the WHO guidelines) economy easier to navigate using MazeMap's indoor wayfinding software.

Assign desks with MazeMap’s indoor mapping platform

MazeMap can help you to implement a new seating plan that accommodates the 1-meter (3 feet) social distancing recommendations - or whichever measure of distance that’s been recommended in your country. Our Map Editor allows you to map out desks, assign color schemes and names to visually convey the new safe seating arrangements. A URL can then be sent to each employee, showing them where their new desk is located in the building. This is a genius step towards accommodating a hybrid work space environment for your office.

If you wish to implement a desk booking system, we can use our booking tool to help you achieve this. Employees will be able to select and book their desks in advance, which can be helpful in letting the cleaning staff know which desks to clean and disinfect in between uses.

Allow employees to check meeting room availability without leaving their desks

In the same way that you can book a desk, MazeMap’s meeting room visualization tool allows you to view all meeting rooms in your office and see whether they are available. They will show up as red on the map if they are in use and green if they are free. You can also integrate this tool with sensors so that if the room is booked in the calendar, but not actually in use, then it will free up again after X amount of idle time. This allows for more efficient use of your spaces.

Coming soon: Cisco and MazeMap are currently developing a split room solution, which will help users to main social distancing regulations. You can see the proposed solution in action in the video below.

Visualize occupancy data with our heatmaps

Another useful visualization tool is MazeMap’s heatmap solution. Our heatmaps allow you to see where people are located around the office by integrating with WiFi access points or sensors. The heatmaps can be added to kiosks and information screens located around the building, allowing staff to find the quieter areas in the office.

MazeMap offers a multiple map views feature, which allows IT and facilities managers to keep the occupancy heat maps private if they wish. You also have the option to mark on POI’s or rooms that are only relevant to cleaning or maintenance staff, such as cleaning supply cupboards or maintenance areas.

Mark out important POI’s relating to health & safety

In addition to showing POI’s that are only visible to certain groups, you can also add POI’s that are visible to everyone. These POI’s might include areas where hand sanitizing products are available, areas where cleaning materials are located, and areas where personal protective equipment (PPE) is kept.

Control occupancy in high-risk areas using geo-fencing

As well as using POI’s to mark out important features, they can also be used to guide staff through high-risk areas, such as canteens. Geo-fencing can be added to these areas, allowing facilities managers to make sure that only a set number of people enter at one time. You can also add reminders for staff to maintain a distance between them and their colleagues.

Redirect staff via the safest possible routes

Finally, MazeMap’s Map Editor tool allows you to customize your paths in order to control the flow of traffic around the office. If you wish to close certain areas off, you can redirect the map paths to take people a different route. If there are narrow areas that you wish to avoid sending people through, you can choose to reroute them through the wider parts of the office.

Contactless check-in for employees, contractors, and visitors

To minimise face-to-face contact, MazeMap's seamless indoor to outdoor mapping allows for downloadable QR codes which can be printed out and added to your help desk. If visitors need directions, they can scan the QR code using their smartphone. This will open up a building map, where they can then search for specific rooms, or points of interest.

Contact tracing

MazeMap’s contact tracing solution allows your building users to check-in to specific locations within the office. This way, their movement around the building can be tracked, and a record can be kept of the places and people they have been in contact with. If someone tests positive for COVID-19, then those they have been in contact with can be notified so that they can take the necessary precautions.

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