MazeMap’s Choose My Room service enables guests at hotels, B&B’s, and resorts to select their own room, enhancing their hotel experience while increasing your revenue. Learn more about our solutions for hospitality >>

Let guests choose their own room

Enhance guest experience by allowing guests to choose their room in the same way they would select their seat on a plane.


Enhance the guest experience

Our digital maps show your guests where to find facilities or rooms throughout the hotel complex. If a party shows up, but are split across multiple different rooms, they can share directions with each other to find a central meeting place.

Increase your revenue

Our ‘Choose My Room’ feature gives guests more flexibility and control, while also promoting up-sell opportunities, encouraging upgrades to higher category rooms.

Strengthen your loyalty program

Guests fill out a form when using the ‘Choose My Room’ service, allowing you to add more guests to your loyalty program.

Speed up the check-in process

If guests have selected their room online, they can simply pick their key up at reception instead of going through the full check-in process in person.

Learn More About MazeMap For Hotels

“We are very happy with the cooperation with MazeMap for our ’Choose My Room’ project. Our properties were ready just a few days after providing the MazeMap team with the CAD files and data for our properties. MazeMap has been proactive and helpful in ensuring a successful implementation. Both guests and hotel managers are satisfied with the solution as it increases both guest experience and revenues for our hotels”.

- Kenneth Hervik, former VP Digital Guest Experience, eBerry/Nordic Choice Hotels
(now Regional Vice President Digital at Hyatt Hotels Corporation)

Additional Features

Show your guests exactly where their rooms are located

Help them find hotel facilities during their stay


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