High-quality interactive indoor maps that are searchable, linkable, user-friendly and always up-to-date.

What is MazeMap?

MazeMap is a service for indoor maps, designed for large building complexes, such as universities, hospitals, conference venues and shopping malls.

Available everywhere

Our maps are available from any computer, tablet or smartphone through a web browser.

Easy to integrate

Our maps are easily integrated on websites and other existing systems.

Indoor paths and positioning

With our solution for indoor paths and positioning, you can get a full-scale indoor navigation system.

Integration with Facility Management

We can integrate with existing Facility Management systems to keep your maps up-to-date.

IoT Platform

Easily visualize the physical location of everything with our maps as the platform.

Why MazeMap?

Indoor maps are becoming a basic infrastructure, as more and more large, complex buildings are built. It is expected that indoor maps will be just as important as outdoor maps, not only in regards to wayfinding, but also for visualization of data. read more

One map serving all needs

With MazeMap, you can have one map service that can be used in a number of existing (and future) systems, such as a info kiosks or a room reservation service. That way, all your maps will always be up to date, saving you the work and costs of maintaining these yourselves. read more

Proven value

MazeMap has proven value, and is loved by students and employees at Universities. read more

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How to buy

If you are wondering where and how to purchase MazeMap, simply look at our page for products and pricing.

There, you will find our bundles, pricing and next steps for getting started.

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