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Content Management

View, edit and manage the content in your maps

We give you control

It is a fact that buildings are dynamic environments. The use of buildings changes frequently, and as an indoor map system, MazeMap needs to keep up with the active life of buildings. In our online content management systems, you have complete control over your maps.

Illustration preview of MazeMap's content management system

Edit map names and icons

Edit searchable names

Easily manage which names are searchable for specific POIs

Edit map appearance

Determine if a room should be visible in the map and which name and icon should be used

Organize categories

Create and edit categories that can be assigned to groups of POIs

Easy to customize your maps to your needs

In our POI editor, you can add abbreviations to rooms to make them easier to search for. You can add your own icons, you can colorize the maps and remove and add POIs. You can create groups of POIs, such as “clothing stores”, “toilets” or “printers”, and decide how they should appear in the map.

Easy to add Temporary map content

With our management system, you can easily create temporary POIs for an exhibition, event or conference and remove them once they lose their relevance. Why not create a scavenger hunt during orientation week at your university, or visualize where all booths and facilities are located during a conference?

Manage your indoor routes

In our path editor, you have a complete overview of the map network throughout your building environment. You can attribute all paths with properties such as “not suitable for wheelchair users”, or shut down certain areas for wayfinding due to temporary construction work. You can add new paths and edit old ones. With MazeMap, you have complete ownership and control of your own map system.

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