Space Booking

A highly intuitive desk and room booking system that allows you to visualize available workspaces at a glance. Learn more >>

Locate your nearest bookable room or desk

If you have indoor positioning set-up on your map, you can choose to find the closest bookable space to your current location. Our intuitive color-coding function will show you at a glance which spaces are booked and which are free.

Book workspaces in just a few clicks

With MazeMap’s space booking tool, you can secure a room or desk quickly and easily. What’s more, we can integrate with Google and Outlook calendars, or your university timetabling system. You’ll see a URL appear in your schedule, which will give you directions to the workspace. You can use the map on mobile, tablet, or computer and it doesn’t require an app. We combine indoor and outdoor directions too, so you can navigate seamlessly from your home to your required destination.

Stop ‘false’ bookings

MazeMap’s space visualization and booking tool also integrates with sensor systems to show you whether the workspace is physically in use or not. You can configure the room settings to free up a booked room or desk if it is left idle for X amount of time. This reduces instances of people booking spaces, but never actually showing up.

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