By popular demand from our customers, MazeMap has developed a unique interface for kiosk navigation.

Designed for navigation from a fixed point, the interface is extremely responsive and quick, and with a tilted view that can be customized to the orientation of the screen, making it clear when you’re looking at the screen which direction to start moving in.

You can choose to add categories of POIs to click, or just simply have a search bar for an even cleaner look and feel.

The kiosk mode has already gotten popular amongst MazeMap’s customers, especially among our growing base of corporate office customers. It’s a neat and appealing way of greeting visitors entering your premises, helping them find their way. Why not combine the kiosk with a “register your arrival”-interface, for instance? As always with MazeMap, it is possible to embed the kiosk solution inside any web-enabled environment.

Let us know if you’re interested in having a word with us on the new kiosk mode.

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