Returning to the office brings about a number of challenges for companies today. Since coronavirus took hold on a global scale, the risk of overcrowding in corporate offices is high, raising the question of how to return building users safely. From busy hallways to too many people in one meeting room, MazeMap and Cisco Webex have been developing solutions to help overcome these common challenges. These innovative solutions use a combination of resource finding and booking tools, as well as sophisticated WiFi and sensor technology.

The Cisco Webex and MazeMap collaboration allows employees to see a full visualization of the office building and rooms, complete with color coding to show whether rooms are available or booked. Users can also use the tool to find and book nearby meeting rooms quickly and easily. With the addition of Webex sensors, users can see whether booked rooms are occupied or not, allowing for a reduction in fake usage - when people book the meeting rooms out, but never actually show up.

In addition to this, a new split room solution has been developed to help keep room occupancy at a safe level. If meeting attendees walk into an already full room and send it over capacity, a notification will appear on the Webex Device. Webex will then book an additional room and present a MazeMap QR code on the Webex Device. The extra meeting attendees can scan this QR code and get directions to the new room.

Another option is to use Webex Boards as kiosks. Employees can use the kiosk interface to find available resources, book them, and get directions. This helps to create a smoother work day for employees, allowing them to save on time spent looking for meeting rooms or other office facilities.

Thomas Jelle, MazeMap’s CEO says “The collaboration with Cisco, enabled MazeMap to provide a solution with many possibilities”. Alyson Hoagland-Pace, Director, Product Management at Cisco says “Cisco has had a long-standing relationship with MazeMap, and now that they are an integral part of our ecosystem, together we can accelerate transforming the workplace.”

For further information, you can read the Cisco Collaboration blog here.

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