At MazeCon 2019 we announced a competition to our participating customers. The goal of the competition was to motivate our customers into taking measures that would increase user uptake of their MazeMap over the following 6 months.

It was a tough decision as several customers were very successful in their efforts, but in the end, University of Twente (UT) was victorious! So what are some of the measures implemented by UT to increase utilization of MazeMap on campus?

  • UT got very hands on and created a video to show their students how easy it is to use MazeMap to navigate their way across campus.
  • They also distributed flyers with the QR-code to download the MazeMap app across campus, making sure they were handed out to all new students and at service desks.
  • Aware of the need to reduce waste and printed materials, they used narrowcasting on their screens across campus to remind students, staff and visitors to download and/or use MazeMap.
  • By using the materials that would already be handed out to students, such as welcome flyers for new students, they were further able to market the use of MazeMap with minimum work.

By using a combination of techniques and channels, pushed at important times, such as the start of the new academic year, UT were able to get new users to adopt MazeMap as a habit, and ensure that their students continue to use MazeMap.

University of Twente

Photo source: Beeldbank University of Twente

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating UT on their creative efforts and hope that they have provided you with some inspiration on how you can drive user adoption and get more value from your map!

As the winner of the MazeCon 2019 challenge, UT were able to choose either the new kiosk interface, link insertion for Office 365, or image export as their prize.

MazeCon 2020 will be held on 13th and 14th May this year. All of our customers are invited to join us for our annual conference to share ideas, give feedback and find out about our new and upcoming features. Register your interest HERE to make sure you get updates on the event!

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