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Wayfinding challenges

Finding your way around a conference venue can be challenging.

Communicating to visitors how to navigate and where to go is even more challenging.

Photo of a technology conference venue and a mobile app with indoor maps
Illustration: At a crowded and dynamic conference venue, having an indoor map system that is easy to update can be a real value-add to a mobile application.


Adapting to changing layouts

Whether meeting up for an appointment or visiting a loved one, MazeMap can show people where to go, where to park, where to eat and where to buy gifts. Basically, you can lift the experience and increase the service to your patients and visitors.

Improve your existing app

For conferences or events with existing mobile apps or websites, MazeMap can increase the value by offering an easy integration of indoor maps.

Improve visitor experience

With MazeMap you can show the conference visitor where the topic of his interest is. Visitors can search for stands, presentations or facility resources such as where to eat, toilets are etc. They can get directions of where to go and save time and energy. Help your conference attendants maximize their experience at your conference.

Increase visibility for exhibitors

By offering your exhibitors a presence in a conference map available to all visitors you can increase their visibility. Selected exhibitors can be highlighted at all zoom levels with logo etc to differentiate and create extra value for sponsors.

Customer example

ONS, The international Offshore oil and gas convention

MazeMap delivered the venue maps for the ONS2014 event. It was the world’s second largest oil and energy convention with 91.000 attendants. Maps was one of 4 main components in their mobile app for visitors.

Photo from the ONS convention
Photo: ONS

91.000 attendants

During ONS 2014 there were around 91.000 attendants to the venue, and there were more than 30.000 views on the indoor venue maps. That's a lot of people looking for stuff!

The ONS App

ONS successfully integrated our maps into their own iOS and Android applications, making it possible to easily see the location of every venue they had listed.

Image of the ONS iPhone application with indoor maps by MazeMap
MazeMap delivered the venue maps that were implemented in the mobile application for the ONS event.

Technical Case Study

Cisco has published a technical case study regarding MazeMap at ONS


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