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Campus Wayfinding

As you probably know, finding your way around on campus areas can be a challenge for students, staff, visitors and service personnel. MazeMap provides a solution to this challenge with our easy-to-use indoor maps.

Photo of a girl in a campus environment using a mobile device with MazeMap wayfinding
MazeMap makes it easy for everyone to search and find everything around the campus area.

2 minute MazeMap overview video

A quick introduction to the mazemap platform and it's benefits

Improve student and Visitor experience

MazeMap improves the student experience by reducing stress and uncertainty. At the universities where we have launched, MazeMap is highly valuated. At the start of the semester, typically between 50-70 % of students use MazeMap.

#1 Student app in Trondheim

In Trondheim, MazeMap was placed first in the list of 'most important apps for students', and referred to as 'a lifesaver'. This is exactly what we strive to achieve. Read the article here (in Norwegian).

Make communication faster and easier

With MazeMap you can include links to meeting rooms directly in the meeting invitation to help visitors know where to go. In addition to finding their destination, they can also find the nearest parking.

Some of our educational customers around the world

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Private Maps

When you need to control who can access your maps

Internal Maps Solution

Security Tokens

Optional PROXY


Case study: NTNU

LEARN MORE ABOUT one of our biggest university customers

NTNU was one of the very first universities in the world to get indoor navigation.

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Our map platform consist of many value-adding parts