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Once you’ve established indoor maps, only your imagination sets limits to how they can be put in use. Indoor maps represent an infrastructure that can enhance a number of services, and we have developed easy-to-use tools and guides for how to do so. We want our maps to be used in as many services as possible, and are eager to help out in supporting new use cases.

Example: info screens

MazeMap is perfect as a plug-in module in an info screen service where visitors can use the search functionality and get a route to the particular room or person they are trying to find. You can either embed our service out-of-the box in your own system, or make an even more customized version using our APIs.

Photo of a person interacting with an information screen service with a MazeMap map
Photo: Info screen service developed at the Norwegian university NTNU.

Example: outlook Exchange integration

We have partnered up with a number of complementary systems to provide easy integrations with our system. In Outlook, you can get automatic map links attached to your meeting invites as you ship off invitations to your colleagues. In multiple time table systems, you can get automatic map links to your meetings or classes. 

Example: Hospital kiosks

Because MazeMap runs on modern web technology, the maps can be integrated in many existing systems, such as information kiosks.
Together with Imatis, MazeMap provides a standard solution for searchable maps on kiosks around St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim. These maps are also integrated with the self-service check-in system and can guide patients to their next destination.

Photo: Showing one of many self-service kiosks placed around St. Olavs Hospital in Norway.
The kiosks are integrated with MazeMap searchable maps with wayfinding as part of the solution.

EXAMPLE: maps IN mobile applicaTIons

We have powerful APIs that let you embed our map services easily into your existing services. A lot of our customers have embedded MazeMap into their own mobile applications and/or web pages, and branded it as their own. We also have customers having embedded MazeMap on self-service touch screens in public areas, and in staff and patient information systems. Even in emergency services and alarm systems it makes sense to present information on indoor maps, and we have integrated our system with several providers of such systems.

Illustration: Example of a map and wayfinding integration for an alarm system application, developed by a 3rd party system provider company.

Need to discuss your use-case?

We would love to talk to you about your use-cases and see if we are able to help out. Contact us for a free, non-committal talk.

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Example: Alarm/SENSOR system integration

Security and medical personnel need to know where alarms and sensors are being triggered to be able to respond properly and effectively. They also need to find their way around as fast as possible. There’s a big difference between a textual description like «NE 2E HCWC» and an interactive map that shows you exactly where something is located, along with contextual information.

Integrated at St. Olavs Hospital

At St. Olavs Hospital, they have added map links in their alarm system. This way, a decision maker is only one click away from instantly knowing the location of a specific alarm. When time is critical, these things really matter.


Need to discuss your use-case?

We would love to talk to you about your use-cases and see if we are able to help out. Contact us for a free, non-committal talk.

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