IoT Platform

Visualize and manage your devices and assets

The MazeMap platform acts as a great base to overlay data. Your assets can be tracked using technologies such as BLE, RFID, or GPS, giving you an overview of their location on the map. Rich POIs can also be added to your assets to display your desired attributes. The asset data is updated in real-time to reflect movement and you can click on each asset to calculate directions. MazeMap accepts live positioning data, so it is a perfect match for asset tracking systems.

Our asset data can be used to track people, machinery, and equipment to name a few things - but the possibilities really are endless!

Example use cases
- Your imagination is the limit

•Locate the closest printers on the map and view device information and status

•Set-up work routes for maintenance or cleaning staff

•Show temperature and humidity data for different rooms

•Track hospital equipment such as beds, wheelchairs, ventilators, IV pumps, etc.

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