Offices today are collaborative places, with clients and colleagues from across the globe coming together in-person or via video conference. For these kinds of collaborations to take place, bookable spaces are essential.

Read on to discover the benefits of indoor mapping software and space booking tools for offices.

1. Visualize the closest available spaces in real-time

MazeMap’s space visualization tool aims to take the hassle out of finding a room by displaying where your bookable workspaces are located on your map. You can choose to find the rooms that are closest to you, rather than selecting blindly from a list. The intuitive color-coding system allows you to establish at first glance, which rooms are booked and which are available.

Our platform integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook to allow you to sync your bookings effortlessly with your calendar. This allows you to use an innovative visualization tool, while also keeping your schedule in one place.

2. Promote efficient use of bookable areas

A visualization of office spaces freed up and made available after no one showed up to their bookings
Spaces freed up after no one showed up to their bookings

Maybe a meeting was canceled, finished early, or the participants never showed up. Sensors can be installed within your meeting rooms to solve the problem of rooms that have been booked but are not actually in use. You can choose to set-up the sensors so that if the meeting room is not occupied within 5 minutes of the confirmed timeslot, the room becomes available again. This allows your employees to optimize their time at work, making more time for collaborations and discussions. It also aids resource optimization.

3. Create a meeting bridge when rooms go over capacity

We’re working on an exciting collaboration with Cisco Webex to help with social distancing during meetings. If your meeting room hits its capacity for safe social distancing, the system will help identify an additional nearby room that’s available and guide users to it, so your meeting can continue efficiently.

Overall, our meeting room booking tool aims to save time, minimize frustration, and create a smoother experience for your employees.

If you’re interested in upgrading your meeting room booking system, and fascinated by indoor mapping for your office, reach out today for a non-committal chat.

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