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Make sure your meeting rooms are fully utilised and easily bookable

Showing what's actually available

A huge problem in the work and study environment is lack of meeting rooms. Users constantly complain that there are not enough available meeting rooms. Yet, investigations from the facilities department show that the meeting rooms are not being utilized enough. How can this be? There are basically two reasons:


Users are having difficulties finding meeting rooms. Booking a room you are familiar with, is not an issue. However, when no rooms are available on the same floor or in the user's vicinity, it is more difficult. Traditionally, the user has to select a room from a list without knowing its location instead of finding the closest available meeting room.

MazeMap offer indoor mapping to make it easy to find the available meeting rooms. The maps use intuitive color coding to illustrate which meeting rooms are available, busy and booked. These maps are carefully designed to save you time and frustration when in need of a meeting room and also make the process of locating it worry-free. In addition, the mapping presents an easy way of knowing which rooms are closest to your location.


There is a lot of fake usage, which means that the meeting room is booked, but no one is actually using it. Reasons for this might be:
1) The meeting was cancelled.
2) The meeting finished early.
3) The room was booked for the same time every week, but it’s only used every second week.

With the use of sensors, Mazemap can easily detect whether or not the meeting room is in use. With the help of these sensors, MazeMap give the opportunity to use meeting rooms that nobody showed up for.

The University of agder

The University of Agder, with 8,760 students, estimate an annual loss of 120,000 Euros due to fake usage of meeting rooms.

how it works

simple and visual

After locating a free room, the user can book it with just one click. The reservation will be added to the  booking system. It is also possible to configure the settings so that a meeting room is automatically freed up 10 or 15 minutes after the meeting starts if no one is in the room, enabling other users to book the room.


Book rooms with only a click in the map

Avoid fake usage

See the closest available meeting room

Rooms that are booked, but not in use, can be freed up after x minutes of idle time

Save time and minimize frustration

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and other education time table systems

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