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Visualize where tHings are

The great thing with MazeMap is that it is far more than a wayfinding tool, it is an indoor map platform that lets you illustrate anything on top. Indoor maps are the perfect infrastructure to visualize where things are located inside buildings, and monitor their status.

Example: Asset tracking at a hospital

In the video example below, we visualize how asset tracking could work for a simple hospital management application. If assets are tracked using technologies such as BLE, RFID or GPS, they can easily be visualized on top of our maps. With rich POIs, you can have interactive content and attribute all sorts of information to things that are illustrated in our map platform. You can also track and trace moving objects, such as people, machinery and vehicles. MazeMap accepts live positioning data, so it is a perfect match for asset tracking systems.

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Example use cases

Your imagination is the limit

JavaScript API

An easy-to-use web platform for Visualizing your indoor information

For more detailed and technical information about how we support visualization of physical objects, read our information and documentation of the JavaScript API. We have working code examples and easy instructions for you to get started experimenting with our possibilities.

JavaScript API

We provide a fantastic JavaScript library, on which it is easy to build custom applications.

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