Indoor Maps & Wayfinding

Indoor Wayfinding

We show people where to go, from A to B

Showing people HOW to get from A to B

Once indoor maps are established, MazeMap can generate a path network throughout the site area, allowing for wayfinding across a campus, between buildings and rooms.

Illustration showing an example route across a norwegian hospital campus area

Helping people by giving them directions

Get directions with time estimates on how to get from A to B, and see which entrance and stairs you need to use to find your destination. You can even share these routes with your colleagues, friends or visitors if you want to help them finding their way to your meeting. Attach links to SMS messages, meeting invitations or emails.

Accessible friendly routes

For disabled people, wayfinding can often be a hassle. MazeMap provides support for path navigation specifically designed for users with disabilities, avoiding obstacles such as stairs and narrow doorways. For optimal routes, you can tag specific areas as non-accessible, causing the routing engine to exclude such areas for route suggestions.

Animation showing a route that avoids stairs and obsticles
Illustration: Example animation showing the possibility to avoid stairs and obstacles at a university campus

Integrate wayfinding in your applications

Add value to existing systems and services

Once wayfinding is set up, you can integrate it into other systems, such as your own. Example use-cases are system applications where people need to navigate to specific destinations on a regular basis. With a map, you can interpret information much faster, save time and avoid misunderstandings and errors.

Illustration: Example of a map and wayfinding integration for an alarm system application, developed by a 3rd party system provider company.


Even better navigation

Together with an indoor positioning system (LINK), you can even get a blue-dot navigation experience from your exact point of location to your destination, just like GPS navigation for outdoor areas! The blue dot will follow you as you move inside buildings and across floors, making it easier to navigate all the way to a destination.

Illustration: Example animation of indoor blue-dot navigation

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