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Taking on hospital wayfinding

Finding your way around a hospital can be challenging for patients, visitors and employees. MazeMap provides a solution to this challenge with our easy-to-use indoor maps.

A proof that we meet this challenge is the usage. At St.Olavs University Hospital we help 4000 patients, visitors and employees each month.

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HAving a wayfinding platform has many positive implications

“ People who run between meetings say this is genius. They don't have to pull up the invitation on their laptop, but simply use their phone and look up the meeting room location. ”

- Elin Fausa, St. Olavs Hospital

Increase service to patients and visitors

Whether meeting up for an appointment or visiting a loved one, MazeMap can show people where to go, where to park, where to eat and where to buy gifts. Basically, you can lift the experience and increase the service to your patients and visitors.

Reduce costs of missed appointments

Together with reminders, such as SMS or email, MazeMap can contribute to reducing missed appointments by showing people exactly where they should meet. As the case for NHS, similar calculations from hospitals in Norway shows a cost benefit if you can help 0.1 % more patients meet for their appointments.

Some of our healthcare customers

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Our map platform allows for many possibilities for integration

Increase internal efficiency

Hospital employees was not our primary target when MazeMap was launched, but we soon learned that employees need help finding their way if they are called for a meeting or appointment outside of their ward or building. With MazeMap you can include links to meeting rooms directly in the meeting invitation to help employees know where to go and increase efficiency.

Save time when time is critical

With MazeMap you can integrate with alarm systems, so when an alarm goes off nurses, doctors or security personnel can be shown exactly where the alarm is. This can save time when time is critical.

Tracking of equipment

Together with vendors of equipment tracking you can use MazeMap to visualize where important equipment is placed, help you save time searching for equipment.

Customer example

St. Olavs hospital in trondheim, Norway

St. Olavs Hospital is 250 000 m2 and the third largest hospital in Norway. St. Olavs aims to be the most advanced technological hospital in Northern Europe.The university hospital has been a close partner since the beginning of the MazeMap project, and has now officially launched the MazeMap service to be used by all guests, employees and patients.

interactive kiosk maps

Adding maps to digital surfaces

Because MazeMap runs on modern web technology, the maps can be integrated in many existing systems, such as information kiosks.

Together with Imatis, MazeMap provides a standard solution for searchable maps on kiosks around St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim. These maps are also integrated with the self-service check-in system and can guide patients to their next destination.

Photo: Showing one of many self-service kiosks placed around St. Olavs Hospital in Norway.
The kiosks are integrated with MazeMap searchable maps with wayfinding as part of the solution.
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Automated SMS map links

Integration with automated systems for increased efficiency

At St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, they have integrated MazeMap into their automated SMS reminders, so people can easily see where to meet. This can reduce the stress of finding the way, and also reduce the risks of being late to appointments or meetings

Short links to everything

All Points of Interest (POI) are linkable in MazeMap, and to enable easy sharing by messaging services, such as SMS, we offer shortened links and APIs that are easy to use.

“ People don't want to be late for their appointments, and It's not unusual for some people to visit the hospital a day in advance, just to figure out where their appointment is. ”

- Ivar Myrstad, St. Olavs Hospital

Illustration: Showing a typical automated SMS reminder that St. Olavs Hospital sends out in advance of a scheduled appointment.
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Technical Case Study

Cisco has published a technical case study regarding MazeMap at St. Olavs Hospital.


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