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Automatic Updates

Keep your maps fresh and up-to-date

We keep your maps alive

There’s little use in an indoor map system if the maps are outdated. Maps are fresh produce, and as buildings change over time, the maps need to adapt accordingly. In fact, 5-10 % of the building mass change over the course of a year within a large building complex. This could be larger structural changes or just an office being transformed into a break room. In any case, this is important information to keep updated in a map system, such as MazeMap.

Illustration of a technical floor plan and a finished online indoor map
Illustration: A before-and-after image of a technical floor plan which has been set up to be automatically updated to an interactive, usable web map

Integrations with Facility Management

Designed to follow the life of buildings

MazeMap is designed to follow the dynamic life of buildings. We can integrate with most facility management systems so that any changes to the floor plans gets synced and reflected in our map system.

We also do complete structural updates of the indoor maps on a quarterly basis, or even more frequently if there’s a need.

Detailed control of your data

In our online management tools, you have complete control of the maps and can edit the information visible in your buildings. If you want to add abbreviations to a room, icons, or new points of interests, our online management tools are a one-stop-shop to perform any changes to the maps.

You can see which data is automatically synced, and you can even manually override these if you need.

Photo of the MazeMap content management system
Illustration: Screenshot from the MazeMap content management system, showing a room with automatically synchronized name

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