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Indoor Wayfinding for retail businesses

Add value to the shopping experience

Finding your way around a huge shopping mall can be a challenge. MazeMap can help people navigate by providing customized indoor maps that can be used online, or even in mobile applications, kiosks, digital screens or offline signage.

Illustration of a person using a shopping mall application with indoor maps from MazeMap


HAving a wayfinding platform has many positive implications

Improve guest experience

With MazeMap you can show people where to find shops, restrooms, where to park, where to eat, and get directions of where to go. In marketing campaigns like e-mail and SMS, you can add a map link to the shop, enabling visitors to see exactly where they should go. Help your visitors maximize their experience at your shopping mall.

Increase visibility for shops

By offering your shops a presence in MazeMap, you can increase their visibility. Selected shops can be highlighted at all zoom levels with logo etc to differentiate and create extra value.

Reduce costs with one map for all screens and devices

With MazeMap, you can use one map for all screens and devices. MazeMap works equally well for touch screens placed around your shopping mall, at your shopping mall web page and of course on the smart phones your visitors carry with them. With MazeMap there is no need to make and maintain several maps for different screens and devices. This saves you time and money.

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