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Find My Friends

Easily locate each other in large spaces

Find My Friends is a service designed by MazeMap to help find colleagues or fellow students in large spaces - while maintaining privacy. With Find My Friends you can see each other's position in real time - when indoors.  


University campuses are often complex and confusing which can be difficult and frustrating when trying to find co-students or colleagues. With Find My Friends you'll be able to locate your co-student or colleague in seconds.


Open plan environments and large office spaces can make it hard to know where your colleagues are. Find My Friends makes it easy to find each other, while simultainiusly saving time and unnessecary frustration.

conference / event

Finding your colleagues at large conventions or events among thousands of other visitors, can be very challenging. Often it is also too noisy to give directions via phone. Find My Friends removes this frustration and leads you back to you friends in no time.

customer success story: cisco live 2018

Cisco Live EMEA is one of Europe's largest tech conferences with over 12,000 visitors throughout the 4-day event. Find My Friends was used by Cisco Live visitors to easily locate fellow travellers in the crowd. By eliminating the stress factors of frustration and confusion, the word of Find My Friends quickly spread and gained popularity among the visitors. Throughout the event, over 9,000 people used Find My Friends and 1,400 groups where created - saving Cisco Live attendees both time and frustration.

how it works

With Find My Friends, users can easily find each other throughout a campus, building or conference venue, increasing user satisfaction and efficiency.

Find My Friends utilizes existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for obtaining users locations. Only users that have actively accepted to join a group will be tracked and a users can leave a group at any time. All user positions are obtained in a secure way from Cisco CMX. For further improving privacy, users can select their own nickname to be shown, and the location will only be visible inside the building/venues. Once the users leaves the Wi-Fi network, tracking stops and others will see “No position available”. Find My Friends is a real time service and no user locations are stored by MazeMap or by the Find My Friends service.

The Find My Friends service can be integrated into a web app, mobile app or website.


MazeMap indoor map platform
A location ready Wi-Fi network
Cisco CMX

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